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Post  LomBelo on Thu 16 Aug - 2:25

Hey there VsP Wink

Pseudo: el lomb!/LomBa/LomBelo (each according to my mood i guess xD)
Login : lombelo
Name : João
Age : 20
Nationality : Portuguese
Which languages do you speak : Portuguese, English and German (ein bisschen Razz i'm learning in college)
Do you have a microphone : i have incorporated in my laptop, however it is broken and i'll only get it in a couple of weeks Sad
Regular played hours : 4-6h per day
Former teams : Let's Rock and Sagres
Favourite type of map : Nadeo, Very Short and now and then Tech (30-45 secs)
One of your best replay : i rarely put any record on TMX and I don't know what to put here but i'll leave a link to one of my vids Neutral (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09z7Nddnhrc&feature=plcp) it's more than 1 year old so i play a lot better now (although not a very bad vid) ^^
How do you know VSP : from your dedis records and from playing time to time with some players in very short or tech servers
Why do you want to join VSP : because it is filled with awesome players and i can surely learn and improve my skills to another level by learning and playing with you guys
More about you in few sentences : what matters as a person I am funny, faithful in what i commit myself to, i played tennis a few years back before college, i loooove weed (gotta love weed :$) and more you will discover from me if you accept me Very Happy (a bit misterious btw). You probably don't know me at all, i've never been in BIG teams, but i sure remember playing with some of you guys in Tm like inferno, flux and kjolbee (whom i've speak to, to try to join in) and i think that's all for now, i hope ^^

cya soon ;D


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Post  Windho on Wed 7 Nov - 13:56

We're full sorry :/
Good luck and have fun on TM Smile

Rosie Jones <3
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