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Post  bullracing1 on Tue 11 Sep - 7:33

Pseudo : perfect and sexo guy.
Login : bullracing1
Name :Vipul yadav
Age : 19
Nationality : Indian
Which languages do you speak : Engish
Do you have a microphone :no
Regular played hours :around 4-5 hrs atleast.
Former teams : dukez, devils, asylum
Favourite type of map : very shorts, shorts n tech.
One of your best replay : LoL o saphilas n cya later..on lets rock pro server!!!
How do you know VSP : by seeing the very nice riding of vsp players and every where dedi records.
Why do you want to join VSP : to be a part of team who is always no. 1 in trackmania and vsp playerrs having nice ideas & they r quite impressive by thier riding.
More about you in few sentences :i like slim trim girls and fun every where..i thinking nwdays about to do some job ..but i love trackmania and vsp..yo yo!!!@@@


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bullracing fired. Empty Re: bullracing fired.

Post  Windho on Wed 7 Nov - 13:58

We're full sorry :/
Good luck and have fun on TM Smile

Rosie Jones <3
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