Brazzers request

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Brazzers request

Post  Brazz on Fri 26 Oct - 16:30

Pseudo : Brazzers

Login : brazzers

Name : Axel

Age : 21

Nationality : belgian

Which languages do you speak : french & english

Do you have a microphone : yep

Regular played hours : 2 or 3 hours a day at the moment

Former teams : rtc, eVz, vip, Phenix gaming, atk

Favourite type of map : short & very short!

One of your best replay : i dont have any replay in particular but if you really want, i can find it for U Wink

How do you know VSP : oh for a long time ago.. i've met some good vsp'players when i played on short maps and it's thx to them that i know this team Smile

Why do you want to join VSP : i would like to join you because you are a good team who give the possibility to play fun or compet and you play on short map so this is what i looove and also having possibility to play with better player than me to progress still a few.

More about you in few sentences : well that's it, all is said, i hope i will be accepted. I'm also a friendly guy for peaple who dont know me : ) so hum, see you on the road : )

Peace !


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Re: Brazzers request

Post  Dioseb on Fri 26 Oct - 16:34

Oh yeah !!!

You have my vote +1 Smile

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Re: Brazzers request

Post  Windho on Wed 7 Nov - 13:52

Accepted ofc, Wecome Home Very Happy

Rosie Jones <3
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Re: Brazzers request

Post  Yannex on Wed 7 Nov - 14:47

Welcome Brazz!

Like a Star @ heaven

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Re: Brazzers request

Post  kars<3 on Sat 10 Nov - 8:33

welcome in best team Very Happy

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Re: Brazzers request

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