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Post  Shredder on Sat 15 Dec - 17:06

Hi guys. My name is Shredder the coleader of EMT. I would please you to join our tournament.
Registrations are open at www.emt2013.webs.com. We dont search you to pay coppers to join at. There are many good prices: 1st. Ping-kings server (1month/40 slots) + coppers, 2nd.-4th. Coppers (still not sure how much because we become donations every day). Ofcaurse we need maps. All interessed mappers need to have TMUnlimiter,
You can send your maps here: ivanzitko@live.com For advanced informations contact EMT admins: Shredder (kristian) and Mr. Sorrow (metallica282). Thank you for your patience. Cheers !



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