Asylum v VSP war!! 2013

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Asylum v VSP war!! 2013

Post  asylum bruton on Wed 18 Sep - 9:53

Hey fellas,
Our teams have a great history of friendly scrims and wars etc. I would like to propose another scrim soon in a similar format below.

Each team pick 5 tracks
2 x 15-25 sec
2 x 25-45 sec
1 x 45-1min.

Scrim rules
Scrim length: 1 Week (7 days)
Server: Trackmania|Austalia|New South Wales|War-Scrim | asylum
Time Commencing: 10am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
Time Finishing: 10am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time

Each team pick 5 tracks
2 x 15-25 sec
2 x 25-45 sec
1 x 45-1min.

Point System: Top 10 records per track

1st = 10 points
2nd = 9 points
3rd = 8 points

• Most points per track to win the track.
• Overall Winner = who wins the most tracks
• A Tie will be broken by Total points
• No limit on players per team

• Cut maps cannot be chosen in an attempt to trick the other team
• No LOL(luck) maps
• Micro Comp tracks to be less then 30 secs

• Server will be pw protected
• Round length 10 mins (decided by clan leaders)
• No Restarting tracks (Unless 100% vote system)
• No skipping tracks (Unless 100% vote system)

General Rules:
01. No limit on players per team
02. No Giving out the scrim password
03. No recruiting racers just for the scrim
04. No recruiting during the scrim or the week up to the scrim (you can wait a week)
05. Only allowed to race on one account
06. No letting someone else race on your account
07. No impersonating other racers
08. No spectating players from other teams
09. No abusing other racers or clans (joking around is fine obviously)
10. No cutting on tracks
11. No admin restarts, skips, etc unless it is only your team in the server
12. Keep it fun as that’s what this Scrim is about

This format can be changed to accommodate either team ( I know you guys are short tech etc) so please review and let me know your thoughts.

The aim is to all get together for a friendly scrim and some awesome racing on TM2 stadium.



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