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nation race contest by happy

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nation race contest by happy Empty nation race contest by happy

Post  dadou Thu 21 Feb - 15:34

Yo Guys !

the NRC is a very original tournament, let's explain it :

NRC NationRaceContest, first edition !
Come fight the others in 3Vs3 on 3 maps +/- 35 sec type Tech or SpeedTech mode RelayRace !!
64 slots, 8 teams of 3 players at start, 2 runs per player on each of the 3maps, only 1 winner.
It's only 2 week ends of cup, so you dont have to be worry about TMM ^^

The cup will start on the 1st of March with 100 000 Coppers to earn and some good moments to share.

I - Registration

One teamleader will have to :
- register his team in a new topic,
- organize the match with the staff and communicate the match date on the forum.

Deadline for registrations is the 24th February !

In your topic, the leader must put the login and pseudo of the 3players, and if you want, a 4th's one:
Players :
- Login :
- Pseudo :
the 4th :
- Login :
- Pseudo :
Team Leader :
- Login :
- Pseudo :
- Team Name : (you also can make 2 or 3 teams, it asks you to add a number after your team name if you do that)
- Team mail address :

II - Server details

Name : NationRaceContest
Place : Germany/Berlin
Login : stb39
To join : tmtp://#join=stb39
To addfav : tmtp://#addfavourite=stb39

NRC link :

Go guys, its still time to join the cup..


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