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Cannabis CUP 2

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Cannabis CUP 2 Empty Cannabis CUP 2

Post  meta Fri 30 Aug - 14:41

Cannabis CUP 2 Wall3-30d8d68

Hello there, already sorry for my english ''google translation'' so I just present our competition!  

1/ What is the Cannabis Cup?
To get started, the new edition won't be a solo tournament, but it will be a team competition!
Here we go for the second season of the Cannabis Cup! This season will take place on TM2 Stadium.

2/ Tournament Information:
The tournament will last from september 23rd to November 10th 2013. There will be a packmap for the groupstage, one for the 1/8 and 1/4 finals, and to conclude, one pack for the semi-finals and the Grand final. The format of the tournament will be 4vs4, three maps under 7 points each. This is how the results will be dispose, with a "goal average" to be even more precise.
3-0 (21-0) = 3 points for the winner and +21 of goal average / 0 point for the looser with a -21 of goal average.
2-1 (20-19) = 2 points for the winner and +1 of goal average / 1 point for the looser with a -1 of goal average.

Once the groupstage is done, there will be play-offs with direct elimination (no looser bracket). Both of the first teams in a group will be allowed to go to playoffs.
Take note that it is important for a team to finish in first place in its group, because they will play against a team who finished 2nd in their group.
The loosers of the two semi-finals will play a match for the 3rd place. If another disconnection

If there is a disconnection of a player during a round, other players will have to wait for him. The current run WILL BE count, but afterwards, people have to wait 5 minutes. If he's not back, the substitute player can take place into the match. If there's another disconnection of another player of the same team, the match still goes on.
A team with no organisation for the matches and/or no respect for others will find themselves disqualified.
If a team is at least 30 minutes late, the other team on the server will win the match with a score of 3-0.

3/ Date and schedule.

   3.a /Schedule:
In order not to fall behind the competition, there will be a date and time by default. (Sundays at 21:00 CET).
Obviously, you can change in the event of lack of players, but the match will be played in the week not to disrupt and offset the other group matches.

Registration -> From Monday, August 26 to Saturday, September 21
Draw packmap Hen Hen + -> Sunday, September 22 21H
Group - Game 1 -> From Monday 23 September to Sunday September 29
Group - Game 2 -> Monday 30th September to Sunday October 6
Group - Game 3 -> From Monday October 7 to Sunday October 13
Draw of eighth final + Packmap eighth/Quarter Final -> Sunday October 13 at 21H
Eighth Final -> From Monday October 14 to Sunday October 20
Draw Quarter Final -> Sunday October 20 to 21H
Quarter Final -> From Monday October 21 to Sunday October 27
Draw semi Final + packmap semi Final -> Sunday October 27 to 21H
Semi Final -> From Monday 28 October to Sunday November 3
Packmap Finals -> Sunday November 3 to 21H
Finals -> From Monday November 4 to Sunday November 10 to 21H

4/ Registration

Registrations are open Monday, August 26 from 21H CET. Participation is 1000 planets per team. For the registration to be validated, you will have to pay the login "core34" and so your registration will be taken into account. Entries close Saturday, September 21 at 22h.
The number of players per team is unlimited, however, teams will be entitled to only three mercenaries.

5 / Awards

As each tournament, awards are up for grabs. And here are the details:
1st: 20 000 planets
2nd: 15000 planets
3rd: 10000 planets
4th: 5000 planets

If we receive donations, we will increase jackpots

6 / Call mappers

In order not to limit your creativity and let you fully exploit your talents, the rules are somewhat restrictive.

_ Style: Tech
_ Time: 30s - 45s
_ Hexadecimal: authorized
_ Name: "$i$bf0CC$ccc#$bf02 $ccc- $XXXName of your map" [XXX is the color of your choice]
_ Map ever published and/or performed in competition before

How to participate?
To participate, please send an email with your creation as an attachment to the following address: The deadline for sending the maps is set to Monday, September 16th at 21:00!
All circuits not meeting the above conditions or received after the deadline will be accepted.
Mappers will be rewarded 500 planets by selected map! In your editors!

7 / Donations

Any donation is accepted. Donations should be sent to the login: core34
All donations collected will be distributed to participants.
Thank you!
The Staff of the Cannabis Cup.


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Cannabis CUP 2 Empty Re: Cannabis CUP 2

Post  meta Tue 10 Sep - 20:33

you still have more than 11 days before the close of registration! gogogo


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