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VSP vs SSR Empty VSP vs SSR

Post  Dioseb Sun 9 Dec - 12:39

We won the scrim against SSR.

This is the score of all maps :

Phobia: VSP 34-21 SSR
The road: VSP 36-19 SSR
TMM-Bitch: VSP 30-25 SSR
NorwayCup: VSP 27-28 SSR
Open-Nonstop: VSP 34-21 SSR
Short-Motning: VSP 46-9 SSR
Of-Tech: VSP 23- 32 SSR
TMM-Cwrkolic.: VSP 25-30 SSR
Steez.mb: VSP 22-33 SSR
Tiny Tech #164: VSP 34-21 SSR
Da Vinci Code: VSP 48-7 SSR
Tears of the past: VSP 27-28 SSR

Totalmaps: VSP 7-5 SSR
Totalpoints: VSP 386-274 SSR

Congratz to all member who participated !

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